What do we do?

We are a Construction and Demolition Debris Landfill.

When are we open to public?

Our operating hours are from 7:00 A.M. To 4:30 P.M. Monday thru Friday.

What do we take?

Call for a competed updated list of accepted materials.

How can you find us?

We are located at 11250 Hwy178, Olive Branch, Ms. 38654.

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What is the price for a typical public load?

Our gate rate is $6.47 a cubic yard plus Environmental Fee of 8.5%. We have a minum of 5 cubic yards or $35.10.

Is there is a special price for Tires, E-Waste, White Goods, Batteries, Green Waste, Wood Waste, etc?

We do not accept E-waste or Batteries. Please call for prices on all else.

Does my load have to be covered/tarped?

YES, ALL loads must be covered/tarped and/or secured in such a manner that no waste or debris can fly out, fall out or become airborne in anyway. Uncovered/unsecured loads will be charged double, no exceptions.

Can I come out to the landfill and salvage or pick through the trash?

No, salvaging or “picking” is not allowed at the landfill.

Do we take Checks, ATM or Credit Cards?

We take checks, debit cards, credit cards or money orders with proper identification. No cash.

What is the Phone Number?


Can you email a question?

Yes, please email us at janetk@wasteconnections.com

Who is the Special Waste Contact?

Special Waste not allowed at this site.
Contact Steve Keylor for further information: 662.895.7625, cust6011@wasteconnections.com